The Thirteenth Psalm

How long, O Lord, will this jaw ache? How long, O Lord, will you ignore me as it keeps me awake? How long must I wait? How many operations will it take? How long shall my enemy pursue me, and my life seem so totally pointless and ‘on-hold’? O God, show up! Come to my […]

when silence falls

‘When Silence Falls’ was an album released by Tim Hughes in 2004. There’s a songĀ on the album entitled: ‘When the Tears Fall’ – I felt compelled to listen to it again the other day. It’s basically a song about God being with us as we go through the shit, and about us praising God in […]

your will done your way

Yesterday whilst painting the shed I decided to listen to some music on my iPhone. I had no idea what I wanted to listen to or even if I wanted to listen to it at all, so I did what any good Anglican would do at this point, – I pressed the ‘shuffle’ button and […]