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The Thirteenth Psalm

Posted: January 19, 2014 in Uncategorized
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How long, O Lord, will this jaw ache?
How long, O Lord, will you ignore me as it keeps me awake?
How long must I wait? How many operations will it take?
How long shall my enemy pursue me, and my life seem so totally pointless and ‘on-hold’?

O God, show up! Come to my aid and help me;
Give me hope, increase my faith; surround me with your love and the strength to face another day.

Don’t let my enemy say: “I have won! She’s so useless; such a failure and pathetic!”
Neither let him celebrate as I languish here in pain, taunting me with those words again – “you’re the one that never made it”.

But in spite of all this, I choose to trust in you Jesus;
whilst somewhat uncertain and afraid, I place my hand in yours.
I will sing to you, even though it hurts my jaw; for you have provided me with wheat bags, codeine, a comfortable pillow, and a beautiful niece who has brought Hammy Hamster over for the weekend, and for that I give you thanks!


robin who?

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Today I saw Robin.

Robin? …Robin who?

Robin Williams? … Robin Gibb? … Robin van Persie? … Robin Hood?

No. It wasn’t any of the above, as they are either way too famous, or are dead (in some cases both!) The only way I’d get anywhere near to catching a glimpse of them would be via the pages of a glossy magazine, a film, or on a football field, and since I rarely go to football matches or have money to waste on magazines, then I would have to resort to a film – failing that, there’s always ‘google images!’

This wasn’t a famous robin though, and I wasn’t surfing the internet at the time. Instead I was sat at the bottom of the garden painting the shed on what was probably the warmest day of the year so far.

Both seeing the robin, as well as the warmth of the sun on my neck made me realise that Spring had arrived at last! It got me thinking about new life, and hope, goodness and so on. This lasted for all of five minutes, until the fear, apathy and hopelessness kicked in once more.

It got me thinking about the Bible and the amount of times that Jesus talks about ‘robin’. “No, no, NO!” I hear you say, “Jesus NEVER mentions robin – sparrows, yes – robins, no!”

BUT… if you take a closer look, Jesus actually talks a lot about ‘robin’ – or rather ‘robbing’. He talks about a thief who comes to rob, and kill and destroy. A thief who comes to steal our peace, our joy, our hope, our confidence, and so on. A thief whose main aim is to rob us of all of the good ‘stuff’ that’s rightfully ours in Christ.

Jesus of course is not the thief – far from it! Jesus comes to bring life and health, healing and hope. However, we live in a broken and shattered world. We live in ‘the now and the not yet’. Whilst we see glimpses of the Kingdom, we cannot see it fully.

In all honesty, I find this immensely frustrating, yet at the same time I’d rather have had five minutes of hope, and peace, and joy today, than to have not experienced it at all. I also discovered that Robin van Persie is actually rather good looking – why had I never noticed this before?!!