Well, if you’re looking for something remotely religious or educational, like a theological debate or an academic discussion containing really long winded paragraphs and boring words which nobody in their right mind understands, then you have clearly come to the wrong place!

If however, you’re after a ‘genuine’ and ‘heart felt’ conversation with someone remotely ‘normal’ (whatever that is) who is interested in following Jesus in the ordinary, often mundane aspects of life, then this may well be for you.

I don’t for one moment claim to have all the answers when it comes to following Jesus. As much as I try, I continue to stumble and fall. In fact, if the truth be known – it is bloody hard work, and there are many knocks and scrapes along the way which leave one feeling battered, bruised, and broken, and on the verge of giving up.

Having said this, no-one ever said that this ‘following’ lark would be easy. Jesus being Jesus, continues to fascinate and intrigue me nevertheless – and there are many ‘pluses’ to doing life with him … he believes in me when it feels like no-one else does, he’s my number one fan, he stands by my side – encouraging, supporting, guiding, loving – even if at times it doesn’t feel like it… oh, and he picks me up when I fall down.

So… ‘bionic disciple’ – I guess I’ve kind of explained the disciple bit, but why ‘bionic’?

Well, this summer I was originally hoping to get ordained in the Church of England (basically become a vicar), instead I drew the short straw and will be undergoing further surgery on my jaw and will be having my first ‘bionic’ joint! No doubt more to follow… watch this space!

The truth is, life has not been easy recently, in fact it’s been pretty shit to say the least. This blog is first and foremost for ‘me’ (selfish I know!) It’s also for all those who have experienced hardships (worse than I could ever imagine), or who are currently going through the shit, and yet continue to follow Jesus nevertheless.



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