The Thirteenth Psalm

How long, O Lord, will this jaw ache? How long, O Lord, will you ignore me as it keeps me awake? How long must I wait? How many operations will it take? How long shall my enemy pursue me, and my life seem so totally pointless and ‘on-hold’? O God, show up! Come to my […]

when silence falls

‘When Silence Falls’ was an album released by Tim Hughes in 2004. There’s a song on the album entitled: ‘When the Tears Fall’ – I felt compelled to listen to it again the other day. It’s basically a song about God being with us as we go through the shit, and about us praising God in […]

odd one out

Today I read an article taken from ‘The Independent’ which someone had posted on to Facebook. The title instantly grabbed my attention… ‘Isolated: Single Christians feel unsupported by family-focused churches.’  Using the responses given from an on-line Christian dating site, the research carried out found that: nearly four out of ten single churchgoers said they […]

your will done your way

Yesterday whilst painting the shed I decided to listen to some music on my iPhone. I had no idea what I wanted to listen to or even if I wanted to listen to it at all, so I did what any good Anglican would do at this point, – I pressed the ‘shuffle’ button and […]


Having lived near to Alton Towers for the majority of my life I’ve been ‘fortunate’ enough to visit the theme park on an annual basis (sometimes more regularly). I guess there are three main reasons why I don’t go more often: the entry cost, which currently stands at £46.20 (although, if you book in advance […]

robin who?

Today I saw Robin. Robin? …Robin who? Robin Williams? … Robin Gibb? … Robin van Persie? … Robin Hood? No. It wasn’t any of the above, as they are either way too famous, or are dead (in some cases both!) The only way I’d get anywhere near to catching a glimpse of them would be […]